What is WisdomOfCrowd?

It is a decentralized prediction market is powered Cosmos and Tendermint Blockchain system to create 5 phase prediction market that is simple and secure.

Market phase

Market phase involves open new market, allow bet, recording bet and close market by time.


Resolve phase

Resolve Phase is done through getting data through oracle and determine the result and record it.


Distribute phase

When all is set and done, we go through distribution after deteremining the final outcome

Here is our team

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Solomon Wu
Blockchain Developer

Solomon is an early day Blockchain Developer whom have been involved in Blockchain since 2014. He has built and contributed towards multiple blockchain projects. He was the winner for multiple blockchain hackathons.

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Peter Ma

Peter Ma has been a software developer for more than 14 years. He was involved in many start-ups and projects that pushed the envelope of innovation. His is part of Intel Software Innovator, and focuses on emerging technologies like AI, IoT and blockchain.

Work with us

If you would like to leverage our platform please feel free to send us an email.